Priča dobitnice jezičnog tečaja u Londonu

Donosimo vam priču i iskustvo naše polaznice jezičnog tečaja u Londonu, Dajane M., koja je tu priliku dobila putem našeg nagradnog natječaja na ljeto 2018.

This amazing opportunity reached me through a contest that was organized by an agency called "Integral Edukacijski Programi". I was amazed after I got a call saying I won a week at DLD College. As I never travelled by a plane or by myself women from the IntegralEdu agency were very helpful and easy to reach. They explained me everything very nicely and insured everything would be well organized. I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

Time for the travel had come and I flew on my birthday to the UK. A lovely girl picked me up when I landed in Heathrow. She sent me to a cab and I finally got to the DLD College. After my arrival I had to get my key and a card and later I rested in my room. Around six o'clock other students came from their trip from Oxford and we all introduced ourselves. The next day, Sunday, we didn't have class and instead we went on a trip to Portsmouth. There we got a little early and since it was raining we went to some kind of tower where we saw the entire port then we went on a boat tour where we learned fun facts about the ships and the port itself, later on we had free time to roam around the shopping centre. We headed back to the college after our free time and there had dinner and time to get ready for the next day. The next day, Monday, we had class. My classes were History, Art, Essay writing skills and the afternoon class was Theory of Knowledge. Teachers were approachable and helpful thus classes were both entertaining and educational. During free time we visited Buckingham palace. The palace was incredible and it was a fun experience.

Tuesday, during history we studied WWII and during Art we had a project, we had to make a self-portrait. And during essay writing it was everything but boring. For Tuesday trip we went to Wimbledon for a tour of the place. Our guide knew a lot of information and it was interesting.

Wednesday was not much different than the other days. We visited Camden market and it was my second favourite place we visited. There was a lot of interesting things to see and people to talk to. Everybody was very friendly and it was fun to haggle over items. I spoke to a few of the artists at the market and made some friends.

Thursday, during history we had to make a presentation about a topic related to WWII. Topic of my choice was WWII in Yugoslavia. We continued to work on our portraits during art and visit to the British Museum and Covent garden was cancelled. When the Staff saw we really wanted to go they organized a taxi for the few of us who wanted to go to the British museum and two other options were to either stay at the college or to go to Covent gardens. I had an amazing time at the museum, sadly not enough time to see everything. When we came back during our last afternoon lesson of Theory of knowledge our teacher, Francisco, finally let us go out. We visited the nearby Archbishop's park and his house and learned some stuff about the city. Last day of classes was Friday and during history the rest of us presented and during art we finished our portraits. Essay writing was a fun debate and I asked the teacher, Phil, for some materials for my English teacher. Instead of tutor time and lunch we made a plan with our history teacher, Shaun, to visit the nearby Imperial War Museum. We didn't have much time there so we only saw the Holocaust part.

After that trip we all went to the archery range and learned how to work a bow and an arrow. I loved it very much and ended up being good at it. After that we had our own free time. I decided to visit The National Gallery and it turned out to be my favourite place in the entire city of London. Since it was not so close to the college I once again didn't have much time there. When we came back a man that professionally guides people through the mountains explained us his very fun job and all of us who were leaving got certificates. Last day, Saturday, after we got our suitcases down we were free until it was time for departure. Since I didn't say much of the National Gallery I wanted to go back and so I did. I managed to see pretty much all of it and it amazed me.

All in all I really enjoyed the entire experience of both the college and the city and I met a lot of amazing people there. The food and the staff were amazing.

I was thinking of going to college in the UK before and now I am determined to go there and I hope to achieve that with the help of Integral Edukacijski programi agency because they are incredibly helpful and nice to work with. I suggested them to some friends of mine that are also looking into studying abroad.

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